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Usually I maintain moral, political, and religious ambiguity because I understand, and empathize, we all have different perspectives and, thus, shouldn't be subjected to obnoxious rants for the sake of a colloquial "pissing contest"; the overbearing need to prove that you are the biggest asshole in the room because you are able to bastardize and appeal to emotion and/or invoke religion to an otherwise rational discussion. But what is won? The ability to tell others how to live their life, who they cannot love, and what they can and cannot do with their bodies, so you can maintain a feeling of self-righteousness? At what cost do people actually pay for not abiding by hypocritical (at best) moral edicts? Their souls? Honestly, Hell for an eternity is preferable to listening to five minutes of condemnations by "self-righteous" purveyors of Christian Guilt. It is this simple: to deny a man the right to choose is to deny his humanity.

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